Advantages of plastic atomizers: Choose the ideal material

Plastic atomizers are an excellent option to satisfy the different needs of the market and its consumers since they allow the liquid to be dosed uniformly, avoiding waste and spills. Thanks to their easy adaptability to the needs and characteristics of your product, it is common to find them in cleaning products, cosmetics, flavorings, and agrochemicals. If you need an atomizer, it is very important to consider the following aspects to choose the best option.


The main advantages offered by plastic atomizers are:

  • High resistance
  • Avoid spills and waste
  • Preserve the characteristics and quality of your product
  • It adapts to the needs and characteristics of the product to be dosed
  • Has a safety button
  • There is a wide variety of models and colors
  • Light and comfortable
  • Reusable

Types of plastic atomizers

According to the needs of the industry and its consumers, we can find different types of:

  1. Trigger atomizer (Trigger): As its name indicates, it has a trigger that activates the atomizer, to dose the product evenly. It is very common for this type of atomizer to have a safety button to avoid any type of accident or spill. It is also known as a spray gun and you can find it in different presentations (square, round, or ducktail).
  2. Mini trigger atomizer: They work the same as the normal atomizer, however, the trigger is smaller. They are perfect for the cosmetic industry thanks to their fine atomization with excellent support.
  3. Rough use atomizer: It is characterized by its resistance and durability, it is very common to be used for industrial, cleaning, pharmaceutical products, etc. Its design is ergonomic, so it can be easily adapted to your consumer.

Choose the ideal material

Plastic atomizers can be manufactured with different types of plastic according to the needs of the product. The most common materials are:

High-density polyethylene: Better known as PEAD, it is a thermoplastic polymer that is obtained, as its name implies, by the polymerization of ethylene. It is an impact-resistant material, characterized by its high chemical resistance and impenetrability to most gases, so it can withstand chemical products, solvents, acids, detergents, and cleaning liquids without any inconvenience.

Low-density polyethylene: Known by its acronym LDPE, it is a thermoplastic polymer of the olefinic family, made up of multiple ethylene units. It is characterized by its great rigidity and resistance, however, its strong point is its flexibility. It is very often used to make a wide variety of objects, from bags, packages, and containers, to plastic chairs and pipes.

Advice for choosing the best plastic atomizer

Know the product you want to package

Plastic atomizers should be used for liquid or viscous products, depending on the type of nozzle they have, they will facilitate the dosage of the product. That is why you must consider that not all atomizers are suitable for corrosive products, in the case of our R-28 mm. Spray Trigger you can use it for flavorings, cosmetics, some fertilizers, and automotive or cleaning products.

If you have any questions about this topic or want to purchase resistant plastic atomizers, do not hesitate to contact us.

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