What are thermoplastics?

Polymers are divided into two types: thermoplastics which are characterized by being flexible or deformable at high temperatures, so they can be melted and reformed several times to recycle the plastic; and thermosets, which are materials that are easy to mold at high temperatures, but cannot be re-melted because they burn, making it impossible to …

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polyethylene bottle

Polyethylene bottle: How is it recycled?

High-density polyethylene is a thermoplastic polymer obtained by the polymerization of ethylene. Different industries choose this material for its excellent resistance to traction, impact, ultraviolet radiation, corrosion, and different types of temperature or climatic conditions. One of the most remarkable characteristics of the polyethylene bottle is that it is a 100% recyclable material. However, it …

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A great solution for juice bottles

Currently, a very important challenge for the food and beverage industry is to adapt its product to the new lifestyle and the changing needs of consumers. To obtain great results, brands must carry out a market study that allows them to know consumer trends. In the case of the juice sector, innovation in its packaging, …

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plastic recycling

How does plastic recycling work?

When we talk about plastic recycling, the first questions we should ask ourselves should be about the life cycle of the different products made with this raw material, depending on that, it will be the type of treatment that each one must undergo. Reducing waste is a way to reduce energy expenditure and, therefore, money …

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recycled materials

Quality control of recycled materials

For the manufacture of plastic products with recycled materials, it is vital to evaluate the quality of the resins to know what percentage can be reused. The reasons are different and valid since characteristics such as resistance to impact, tension, or other mechanical properties are altered and can have a negative effect. Therefore, for the …

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Sustainable footwear

Sustainable footwear, is it possible?

Sustainable footwear is among the actions that have begun to be implemented to curb today’s level of pollution. The textile industry, dedicated to the manufacture of clothing and footwear, is undoubtedly one of the most pollutants and those that use the most resources for their processes.   Why should we support it? This taking of …

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recycling plastic containers

The global challenge of recycling plastic containers

We have all heard about the importance of recycling plastic containers, the truth is that it is not easy, although we can talk about small advances, we still have a long way to discover. Today it seems impossible for us to think that what was once seen as a commercial revolution for the planet is …

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Plastics and solar energy

Solar energy will be by far, the favorite of homes and industries, it is an inexhaustible and renewable energy source, in addition, although it requires a sophisticated system to capture and process it that can be costly for many at first, however, it is an investment that, without hesitation, is worth making. Solar energy is …

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Polypropylene (PP) Recycling

Recycling, in general, is one of the challenges faced by packaging producers, because although it may be thought that this process is infinite, that is, that a bottle can be recycled forever, this is a falsehood. How mechanical recycling is currently carried out causes a degradation of the material at home cycle, therefore, the material …

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