Coating for plastic containers

Coating for plastic containers

Plasma coating for plastic containers is one of the most recent innovations that the packaging industry introduced. It has the objective of making the containers safer for the different markets to which they are directed, in addition, this barrier does not compromise their recycling process.


This coating for plastic containers is made of a ceramic type material that works like glass, preventing the product from making direct contact with the container. This solution arises from the requirement of customers in the agricultural or chemical sector who want even more resistant and safer containers. In the same way, it is possible to place the barrier in recycled containers to be used in the food, pharmaceutical, or cosmetic industry to avoid contact and to ensure safety.


Advantages of the coating for plastic containers

Among the benefits that we can mention about the coating for plastic containers is that it extends the life of food products, mainly it extends the life of carbonated beverages because it prevents the migration of gases outside the container and further prevents the passage of oxygen.


What material is it made of?

It is silicon oxide and is normally known as silica, it is ideal for controlling viscosity, which is why it is also used in medicine or food, it is also clarifying, has no odor, or taste, and is not soluble with water or alcohol.


Recycling of coated containers

Not all types of recycling are suitable for this type of packaging, not because it is impossible, but because the recycling industry seeks to do it with packaging that is made of a single material since the whole process is simpler. This innovation is beginning its use so that its use is commercialized and extended, the recycling industry must propose different options that can be added to the objective of recycling more and more containers.

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