Ecodesign of plastic packaging

Ecodesign of plastic packaging

The ecodesign of plastic packaging responds to the current need to reduce plastic waste in different ecosystems such as forests, seas, rivers, or lagoons. Many companies indeed presume to have recyclable containers although this may be so due to the resin used to manufacture them, the truth is that only a few of these will reach this process, the destination of most of them will be the landfill. 


In general, the design of the containers is aimed at satisfying the needs of the customer who will use these containers to pack your product, orienting it to save space and weight for storage or transport and, on the other hand, to seek the preference of the end customer, either by the shape or by the benefits that it can provide. 


What is the ecodesign of plastic packaging?

Nowadays it is no longer enough to know what kind of products can be made with these containers, we have to take things more seriously in terms of sustainability and conduct a thorough investigation of what are the places where this type of waste could end up, meet the person responsible for the recycling process and approach them to know what are the challenges they face when recycling and if, as manufacturers of bottles we can do something. 

One of the lessons we have learned over the years when applying the ecodesign of plastic packaging is to avoid mixing materials because each resin has different melting points and the polymer chains are also different. It is therefore very important that the parts are made from a single type of resin to facilitate the recycling process.


Is it possible?

It is, although it could happen that the anticipation with which the ecodesign of plastic packaging must be planned delays and leaves monetary losses, the truth is that in the long run, it will have a benefit for the world and for the packaging industry itself, it is necessary to rethink the models in a general way if this industry wants to continue advancing. 

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