Plastics and solar energy

Solar energy will be by far, the favorite of homes and industries, it is an inexhaustible and renewable energy source, in addition, although it requires a sophisticated system to capture and process it that can be costly for many at first, however, it is an investment that, without hesitation, is worth making.

Solar energy is trying to be promoted in different countries to stop depending on energy generated by other means that are much more expensive and polluting, such as oil and nuclear energy. Currently, what is most widely used to capture and process it, are solar cells, however, for many, this system breaks with the architectural aesthetics of the places that have them.


Solar cells made of plastics

For this reason, several construction companies have tried to integrate photocells into the roofs of houses by developing plastic materials for the manufacture of “solar thermal tiles”. There is still a lot of work to be done, however, these first advances give us hope, in addition, they can be recycled since they are made exclusively of plastics or polymers. It is even possible that they could be made from bottles, containers, and other resin articles of different plastics that, with treatment after their first use, could be recycled to produce solar cells or other similar products for this industry.

These plastic tiles produce energy for home heating, mainly water, other benefits that we can highlight are that they are lightweight, economical, and fit the architectural design of the house. 

That’s right, plastics and solar energy will have much in common in the future, therefore, once again we prove that polymers or plastics are highly necessary for all industries and that the importance is in the proper reuse and recycling to mitigate the pollution caused.

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