53mm Buttress Cap for Jerrycan

53mm Buttress Cap with lock washer is available in different colors. It is ideal for dangerous products. Manufactured with the HDPE injection process. Only sold with the purchase of Jerrycans.


Bottle options:

1 gal. HDPE Jerrycan (Galón 3.78 lt.)

1.32 gal. HDPE Jerrycan (Bidón 5 lt.)

2.5 gal. HDPE Jerrycan( Bidón 10 l.t.)

5 gal. HDPE Jerrycan (Bidón 20 lt.)

5 gal. HDPE Reinforced Jerrycan (Supertank 20 lt.)


18.0 ± 1.0 gr.


Black, Green, White

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