Sustainable footwear

Sustainable footwear, is it possible?

Sustainable footwear is among the actions that have begun to be implemented to curb today’s level of pollution. The textile industry, dedicated to the manufacture of clothing and footwear, is undoubtedly one of the most pollutants and those that use the most resources for their processes.


Why should we support it?

This taking of action has to do with two main reasons, first of all, why there is talk of a global agreement by all countries, governments, and companies; of reducing emissions to the environment, and on the other hand, due to a consumer requirement that now seeks products that not only meet their needs but also meet the requirements to contribute to sustainability, therefore, consumers are the main agent of change, responsible for demanding and preferring the purchase of this type of product.


Solutions for sustainable footwear

The first option that is presented is the use of raw materials of biological origin that have a lower impact than that of polymers and secondly, the use of recycled materials, in this case, the implementation of recycled PET pellets has begun. Which reduces the number of plastic bottles that reach landfills and saves the virgin material used.

The truth is that technological advances have allowed that despite the use of materials that we can consider organic and recycled, the design and quality of sustainable footwear is the same, or even superior, to what we are used to. Besides that, the image and comfort can improve, in the same way as the performance and durability; with an advantage ahead, collaboration with the environment. More and more companies dedicated to the manufacture of footwear opt for the production of this type of model and new competitors join.

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