Technology in recycling

The use of technology in recycling is a great opportunity to insert ourselves into the circular economy, it will help us to ensure that the recycled material has the quality and properties similar to virgin resin. 

Currently, recycling technology has advanced so much that it allows us to take advantage of most plastic waste regardless of its size, density, or level of contamination. 


Recycling technology for odor control

There are many plastic containers used in the cosmetic or cleaning industry that usually keep odors due to the type of products they contain, for this reason, there are companies that have managed to develop technology to neutralize odors in three stages, preparation, degassing, and post-treatment, this does not require additives and it is possible to eliminate even the most intense odors. 


Adaptive technology

Another surprising development machines capable of processing products of different thicknesses, sizes, and materials, i.e., they have the intelligence to differentiate and separate all these materials. Undoubtedly, it represents a breakthrough because it is possible to save space and energy. 


Filtering technology

During PET recycling processing, it is common to find residues or flakes in the material; this type of technology has been improved to help detect and eliminate them more efficiently. 


Importance of the use of technology in recycling

The more we develop this technology, the lower the costs will be and the easier it will be to process all materials, so integrating packaging and containers back into the production chain will be seen as a competitive advantage that will save energy, raw materials, and contribute to sustainability around the world. At Plastimex, all our products are made with 100% recyclable resins. 

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