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The plastics industry after COVID

The plastics industry after the 2020 pandemic, had great changes in a generalized way around the world, exports fell by 3.1% and imports by 5.2%. The United States is one of the leaders in this market, behind only China, with 169 billion dollars, for the U.S. the value is 133 billion dollars annually; Mexico ranks number 10 with annual sales of 38 billion dollars.


The plastics industry and the automotive market

This drop had to do mainly with the automotive market, since the plastics industry has it as one of its largest customers, and it is expected that in the following years it may recover a little. Concerning the pharmaceutical market, it must be recognized that there was an exponential growth during the first months of the pandemic due to the demand for the manufacture of plastic containers for antibacterial gel. 


The Plastics Industry and the Pharmaceutical Market

The COVID-19 pandemic took the whole world by surprise, the world has been reconfigured in all senses after this, the plastic industry dedicated to the manufacture of containers had to find and apply innovative and effective solutions to ensure safety of all the products it manufactured. The sales of rigid packaging manufacturers increased, despite all the difficulties they had to face.

In addition to this, strenuous quality tests had to be carried out to ensure that each container, cap, or dispenser sold was safe and resistant for the storage of medicines and other supplies for this industry. Likewise, the production processes changed due to the requirement of minimum personnel for the operation and constant disinfection of the work areas. 


The future of the plastics industry

Despite the losses and setbacks suffered, small advances are beginning to be seen in general. Plastic is one of the essential materials worldwide, several innovations have been achieved to replace it, however, some qualities cannot be matched, in addition to offering a competitive price. 

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