Recycling Industry

The Social Impact of the PET Recycling Industry

The recycling industry is known mainly for the benefits it provides to the environment, it is clear that its impact is vital for the betterment of the community, however, it also has an impact on thousands of people who are partially or full time dedicated to this business. 


Many families depend on an income generated by the recycling industry; the first jobs begin with the collection of PET, although they have tried to raise awareness through various governmental and private campaigns, the percentage of this type of plastic rescued is very low, it is the workers dedicated to this who fulfill the mission of taking it to the corresponding recycling units, where they get paid, depending on the amount they present. 


As part of this chain, we can also find all the workers who play a role directly in the recycling plant and its different processes. In Latin America, this industry professionalizes and dignifies the work, mainly of the vulnerable sectors of the population, since they are the ones who mainly make up this network. 


The recycling industry undoubtedly requires significant progress to ensure that all the people involved not only have access to an income but also have the rights that all workers in any industry deserve, to promote this type of job and recycling in general.


The Reality of Recycled PET

Currently, the recycling industry has the necessary technology to treat PET bottles and make them new containers of this material with a food-grade, many companies use recycled resin for the manufacture of their bottles to contribute to reducing the pollution footprint that for so many years has been affecting us.

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