This Christmas choose to reuse plastic containers

Reuse plastic containers is a great choice to support the environment that needs us to care so much about it. If you have containers or bottles at home that you are about to throw away, first consider the possibility of giving them a second chance, so that they can be used again.


How to reuse plastic containers?

The first thing to do is to verify the contents of the container, if you have already made sure that it is not toxic or corrosive that can affect you, now you must wash the bottles to be able to proceed to reuse plastic containers. 

Once they are clean, look for the different options you have, below we will list some of them so that this holiday season you can find different uses for these containers. 


Christmas spheres with bottles

With small bottles previously selected, cut the central part, so you can join the top and bottom leaving a rounded shape to the bottle. You can do it with tape or some other adhesive. Proceed to paint them in the color of your choice and add some drawings if you prefer. In the bottle cap make a small hole and place a small hook so you can put it on your tree. Preferably choose PET bottles, since they are lighter than any other plastic material.  


Candy tree

For this you need a little more material, look for felt, foamy, colored cardboard, and vinyl paints. In this case, to reuse plastic containers you can choose the material you prefer, with the help of a cutter or scissors depending on the hardness, cut the top carefully. Look for some ideas on the internet to visualize how you can decorate them, you can make a Santa Claus, reindeer or a cute snowman. The parts you want to highlight make them foamy or cardboard and dress the bottle with the filter or paint it if you prefer. 


These are just a few ways to reuse plastic containers, however, there are countless things you can do with them, plastic resins are a unique material. They are resistant and flexible at the same time, so it is easy to handle, and it is also very economical. Start and tell us what was the result you had. 

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