packaging be in the future

What will packaging be in the future?

Technology is advancing faster and faster, the vast majority of sectors are beginning to insert these modalities in every way. The packaging industry is no exception. Concern for the environment and the impact that plastic packaging had on it put a topic on the table: sustainability. 

This trend forced a large number of companies dedicated to packaging to rethink their practices, design, and production, it is only a matter of time before this becomes mandatory. Everything is aimed, in the first place, at making all types of packaging more sustainable, starting with the manufacturing processes, the energy used for this, the materials, and their recyclability.


Technology and packaging in the future

Packaging in the future design has begun to rethink the models to which it was attached, futuristic designs involve art, mathematics, engineering, and the environment. Art is related to the sensitivity and emotions that the packaging must transmit to the consumer to achieve consumer loyalty; mathematics and engineering have to do with safety, material savings, and the integration of recycled resin to finally have a positive impact on the environment. 



Many plastic packaging manufacturers have taken seriously the concern for the impact caused to the environment, they have committed that in future years all packaging will have at least a percentage of recycled material and that the percentage of packaging that is recycled will be increased year by year. 



Similarly, the integration of solar energy into the production line is already a reality, as well as other practices such as rainwater harvesting, zenithal lighting, water treatment, and water irrigation. At Plastimex we are committed to sustainability, we believe that it is possible to satisfy the needs of our customers, take care of the environment and obtain benefits for it.

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