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Without a doubt, plastic has become the main option to create any type of product or activity. This material stands out for its adaptability, lightness, resistance, and low cost. However, in recent years, environmental problems have been directly related to its excessive use. A circular economy approach aims to reduce the production and use of …

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PET bottle

PET bottle: Benefits for the environment

Undoubtedly, finding a container that meets the necessary standards to transport and personalize a product is very important for the industry. To achieve great results, it is very important to know what the best packaging material is and all the benefits it offers us. Currently, the PET bottle is one of the most used containers …

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Available jerrycans options

Available jerrycans options

In recent years, plastic jerrycans have become an essential tool for the industry. Thanks to their high resistance, they are frequently used to store and transport all kinds of products. An essential factor to achieve this resistance is the material used for its manufacture: High-density polyethylene, without a doubt, provides endless qualities such as hardness …

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A great solution for juice bottles

Currently, a very important challenge for the food and beverage industry is to adapt its product to the new lifestyle and the changing needs of consumers. To obtain great results, brands must carry out a market study that allows them to know consumer trends. In the case of the juice sector, innovation in its packaging, …

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