classification of plastics

Identification and classification of plastics

Plastics are characterized by their lightness, versatility, and durability, which simplifies the packaging of food and the transport of products. For this and more, plastic has become an essential tool for all types of industries. However, it is undeniable that environmental problems have been directly related to its excessive use. Find out everything you need …

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What are thermoplastics?

Polymers are divided into two types: thermoplastics which are characterized by being flexible or deformable at high temperatures, so they can be melted and reformed several times to recycle the plastic; and thermosets, which are materials that are easy to mold at high temperatures, but cannot be re-melted because they burn, making it impossible to …

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HDPE plastic

HDPE plastic: Why should you prefer it

HDPE plastic is a polymer that is obtained by melding, this means that different ethylene units are added to its composition. It is plastic resistant to impacts, traction, and different temperatures. In addition, HDPE plastic offers different industries the ease of printing, painting, and gluing on it, which facilitates the customization of products. For these …

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hybrid packaging

What is hybrid packaging?

Hybrid packaging is a solution made up of two types of materials that seek to create an innovative concept, save money, add textures, or improve the presentation of the product and the consumer experience. Without a doubt, the plastic packaging market has grown considerably in recent years due to the need to replace materials such …

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