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Consumer packaging trends

Currently, consumer packaging trends have taken a 180° turn, the industry must now strive to meet not only the practical needs of the packaging user but also meet the social and environmental demands and expectations, issues for which it is widely considered, regardless of the sector in question.



Among the packaging trends, we find that it seeks to have the 3 R’s, reduce, reuse, and recycle. In the first case, betting on designs where the amount of raw material and energy used is less gives us an advantage over our competitors. In the same way, if it is possible to reuse the packaging for anything, it adds extra points, the third and last R is related to the possibility that they are containers made with recycled material or that they can be easily recycled.


Compostable containers

That’s right, although it seemed impossible for a package to be composted, today, there are different companies that have achieved it, although the manufacturing characteristics and the conditions in which they really meet their objective of degrading must be evaluated, the initiative represents the most innovative packaging trends, if research and work continue, we have no doubt that they will be preferred by consumers.


Containers attached to lids

In Europe, a law has been established that will begin to permeate the packaging market, this regulation marks that, in order to reduce the arrival of plastic waste such as containers and lids, these must be united. This implies different challenges, the first is that of design since it must be so good that the consumer has no difficulty in using and consuming the product, that is, it must be instinctive. On the other hand, it is required that the resistance it has is adequate to prevent the lid from detaching, either because it tries to be removed intentionally or due to the wear generated during its lifetime.


Custom packaging

Another of the novelties that consumers request the most is the acquisition of packaging that stands out and that provides an identity to the brand, therefore, many packaging manufacturers have begun to satisfy their customers in order to continue staying in the market with a good position.

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