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Cosmetics packaging: What material should you choose?

One of the most significant challenges facing the beauty and personal care industry is the need to choose the best cosmetics packaging for each of its products. To achieve this, it is not only important that they keep the product in perfect condition since currently, but the visual appeal can also make the difference to reach your consumer and position your cosmetic products.

What features should my container have?

The consumer’s experience with the product starts from the container, essential to achieve the objectives as a brand, which meets 5 characteristics:

1.Consumer product experience: The application of the product is key to satisfying consumer needs. For this, the texture of your cosmetic must be considered to adapt your content to the product.

2. Preserve the product’s properties: Without a doubt, it is very important to trust that your product will arrive with the appropriate characteristics and without any setbacks despite the distance or any risk that may arise during its distribution and storage.

3. Sustainable containers: The technology and material used to manufacture the packaging also define the experience with your product. For this reason, many companies are committed to caring for the environment.

4. Economic material: Working with lower-priced containers is reflected in the final product that you present to your consumer.

5. Personalized container: Cosmetics packaging with enough attributes to stand out, makes them easier to capture consumer attention and position in the market.

Types of cosmetics packaging

The most common containers used in the beauty and personal care industry are plastic jars to store creamy textures and prevent spills through their screw cap; glass dropper bottles to maintain the quality of treatments or vitamins; plastic containers with a dosing cap or spray to better distribute the product, among others.

What material to choose?

Aluminum: It is widely used in the cosmetic industry for lipsticks. However, this type of material conducts heat and deforms easily. In addition, to manufacture, it is necessary to extract the bauxite rock and at this time the devastation of ecosystems, and air and water pollution is very intense since the resources used to extract it leave an indelible mark on the environment.

Glass: This material is often chosen as a packaging material for its recyclable, reusable qualities. Glass containers for cosmetics maintain the ideal temperature and preserve the product better. However, it is difficult to transport due to its weight, so it is more expensive to pay for it due to fuel costs. Consequently, although many companies continue to choose this option, most have decided to replace them with plastic.

Plastic: Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is one of the most used materials to manufacture all kinds of containers. This material is characterized by being crystalline, light, flexible, and very resistant. It is a linear polymer that can be processed in different ways for a large number of uses due to its multiple qualities. It is also 100% recyclable, which allows you to offer your consumer a sustainable product.

The 3 most significant advantages that plastic offers for your cosmetics packaging are:

  • Impermeability
  • Security and resistance
  • Sustainability

If you have any inquiries about this topic or you want to acquire the best plastic containers to personalize and position your cosmetics, do not hesitate to contact us.

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