PET Preforms

¿Qué son las preformas de PET?

In the packaging industry, innovation and quality are two crucial factors for standing out and meeting the changing needs of consumers. In this regard, PET preforms  (Polyethylene Terephthalate) preforms have proven to be an essential component for manufacturing high-quality packaging. At Plastimex, we are a leading factory in packaging production, and these preforms form the …

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¿Qué envases usar para almacenar agroquímicos?

In modern agriculture, the use of  agrochemicals plays a vital role in increasing productivity and protecting crops against pests and diseases. However, along with their benefits, agrochemicals also pose significant risks to human health and the environment if not handled properly. One of the most effective ways to ensure safety is by storing these products …

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envases para cremas corporales

The beauty and personal care industry is a fascinating and ever-evolving world, where the quality and presentation of products play a crucial role. In this sense, containers are the primary image for body creams. As plastic container manufacturers, we are committed to providing innovative and versatile solutions to enhance your customers’ experience and elevate the …

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