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How to choose a plastic container for your product?

Choosing the ideal plastic container for a specific product is not an easy task. Before making a hasty decision, we suggest that you analyze the following points. 


Before considering this characteristic of any plastic container, you must define what you need it for, that is, if you only want to store or transport, it will be one of your suppliers who will have to perform the task of selling it individually or if it is intended for an end customer and it is necessary to label it. 


Generally, they are made of PET or HDPE, your choice should be based on the type of product to be packaged, for example, in the case of cosmetic, food, or veterinary products it can be the first one, for the chemical or agrochemical industry that requires greater resistance, choose the second one. 


This is important for two main reasons, space-saving when storing and transporting and the view that your customer will have when holding the product in his hands. 


What guarantees that your product will arrive intact at its destination? We recommend that you always make sure that the place where you buy your plastic containers has strict quality control.


Believe it or not, this is one of the characteristics that in recent years have been gaining ground among consumers. Select a plastic container that is easy to recycle, in this way you help to reduce environmental pollution, reduce the use of virgin raw material, and energy. 


While it is important to save on your product’s packaging, remember that the cheapest is not always the best and the best. Before deciding on a product because of its price, compare the mentioned characteristics and the quality offered. 

Now that you know all the characteristics that you should evaluate before buying a plastic container, we invite you to download our catalog to know the products that we manufacture in Plastimex, if you have any doubt, please call us.

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