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By having access, either directly or through a link, to the PLASTIMEX site, URL:, you agree to comply with the terms and conditions detailed below and that are They will apply to users who enter the PLASTIMEX page, which will be called USERS from now on. If as a USER you do not wish to comply with them, please do not access this site.

The USER is legally responsible for the proper use of the service, expressly committing to avoid any type of action that may in any way affect and / or damage systems, equipment or services that are directly or indirectly accessible through the Internet.

The USER assumes full responsibility against PLASTIMEX to third parties for the damages that materialize as a result of their own actions, their dependents or third parties connected through the USER and those that result from the non-observance of the current legal regulations or regulations of other illicit acts or misuse of the service, the user having to indemnify and hold PLASTIMEX harmless against any claim and / or administrative or jurisdictional continence that may be filed.

Likewise, PLASTIMEX will not be liable to the USER or third parties for damages that may occur to the USER or third parties as a result of the actions of other users or third parties and those resulting from third parties or USERS, from laws or regulations or of other illicit acts or of the bad use that is made of the service. PLASTIMEX will not be responsible for any damage, losses or direct, indirect, inherent or consequential expenses that arise in relation to this site or its impossibility of use by any of the parties, or in relation to any failure in performance, error, omission, interruption, defect, power outages, interruptions of any kind, delays in operation or transmission, computer viruses or system or line failure, or any other failure that is not attributable to PLASTIMEX.

The USER acknowledges that the links to other sites or files that can be accessed from the PLASTIMEX SITES are at their own risk. PLASTIMEX does not inquire, verify, monitor or endorse the content, the accuracy, the opinions expressed in other connections provided by other sites than its own, which are governed by their own Terms and Conditions of Use.

The services and / or products that can be known or offered through the PLASTIMEX SITE of the pages of the organizations that can be accessed through it, will meet the conditions that each company and / or body determines, reserving the right to cancel, modify, limit, etc., the provision of the same, not generating this responsibility of any kind for PLASTIMEX. The use of the benefits and / or services that are presented or offered is exclusive to those who adhere to them and not for all users of the SITE.

PLASTIMEX may expand, alter or improve the services offered, as well as modify these conditions, mode of access to the service, those related or not to technical items or the same commercial and market conditions that govern the services offered at any time, without need for communication and / or prior notification. The possibility of choosing certain products and services is subject to the determination, acceptance and compliance with the conditions that PLASTIMEX establishes, and it may happen that all or part of the information, products and / or services offered on these pages are not available for all geographic areas of the country and / or abroad.

The information provided by third parties when entering this SITE is their sole responsibility, being PLASTIMEX oblivious to any responsibility that may correspond to it. PLASTIMEX is not responsible for the veracity and accuracy of the information that these sites provide, nor for the changes that may be made to it. Access to other pages through this site will not give PLASTIMEX any obligation regarding the information that these other pages may contain, this being the sole and exclusive responsibility of the companies and / or organizations that provide it. Likewise, PLASTIMEX will not be responsible for errors or omissions on the information provided, for faults or defects that products, goods and / or services may present, through access from its SITE, to the other sites to which through the The same could be obtained, nor from the direct and / or indirect expenses that they cause. The products, goods and / or services will be provided according to the conditions that each company and / or body determine and indicate and under the conditions that they impose.

The data that is collected or used on the PLASTIMEX SITE are covered by the PLASTIMEX Privacy Policy, which can be consulted on the SITE.

PLASTIMEX controls and periodically verifies the Terms and Conditions of its website, expressly reserving the following rights:

To modify or eliminate, unilaterally, partially or totally, your website and its conditions of use.

Deny and prevent access to this site, its services and contents, without prior notice, to those users who do not comply with the obligations to use its website.

Unilaterally terminate, suspend or interrupt, at any time, the access and use of its website.

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