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The plastic packaging industry in 2022

During 2020 and 2021, the plastic packaging industry had major changes in its way of operating and manufacturing containers, due to the pandemic a large number of companies dedicated to this area had to make a complete turnaround in their way of working to comply with the demands that the world required.


Wholesale orders from the health sector to package gel alcohol and other types of medicines due to the pandemic increased considerably in this period of time, the plastic packaging industry had to devise a way to provide the supply. Many companies found it necessary to expand and acquire more machinery in order to meet customer requests.


Growth of the plastic packaging industry

During 2020 it was very large for the aforementioned reasons, a measured growth was already expected in 2021, however, the indicators show that there were large imports of injection machines for the transformation of the plastic packaging industry.



The circular economy is undoubtedly one of the axes that this industry must begin to integrate into its manufacturing processes and into the very products it offers. There are already many companies that carry out practices focused on this area in their operations, for example, in Plastimex that is the case, we use overhead lighting to reduce the consumption of electrical energy, in the same way, that we have solar panels for the generation of same. In the case of water, we carry out two actions: rainwater harvesting, which allows us to use this resource half the year, and what is used in the plant is treated through a filtration system for garden irrigation.


What does 2022 hold for us?

According to experts from the plastic industry, it is predicted as a good year, where growth will not be as fast as in past years, but there will be a change in technology for the production of this type of packaging.

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