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Types of plastic caps for containers

Plastic caps with the correct container are an essential factor to position your product among consumers since they offer the advantage of protecting it so that it can reach their hands without any type sign of damage. For this reason, in the packaging industry, there are many types of plastic caps for different containers, such as drums or bottles. To find the ideal cap, it is very important to consider the type of product you want to package, however, if you are looking for a plastic container with a cap, right here we explain everything you need to know about how to choose the best option.

What are they made of?

At Plastimex our caps are manufactured with two materials that have the appropriate characteristics to maintain the safety of your product:

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is a thermoplastic polymer that is obtained by addition, which means that different ethylene units are added for its composition. Rigidity and resistance are its main advantages, which means that it is a plastic that is resistant to impacts, traction, and different temperatures. These characteristics are ideal for manufacturing plastic caps.

Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic polymer that is obtained from the polymerization of propylene. Characterized by its high mechanical resistance, high melting point, low moisture absorption, and chemical resistance. It is also a recyclable material that is classified with the number 5.

Different kinds of plastic caps

It is important to consider that the caps you choose must adapt to the consistency of your product to improve the experience of your consumer. Here we mention some options for you to choose which suits the best:

Flip-Top caps: Flip-Top dispensing caps have an opening that allows the product to be dispensed without having to remove the cap, which provides greater practicality to your consumer. In addition, they are hermetic, avoiding spills and product waste. One of the main advantages is that in plastic containers pressure can be exerted so that the content comes out easily.

Flat caps with security strap: If what you are looking for is a simple cap with more significant security, the flat cap with a strap is an excellent option. It is manufactured with High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) through the injection process and can be purchased with a liner for greater safety of your product.

Disc-Top cap: The disc-top caps have the characteristic that they are pressed on one side and lifted on the other to open them and disperse the product. The main advantage of disc top closures is that they have greater durability for products of daily use.

Spray trigger (Trigger): As its name indicates, it has a trigger that activates the atomizer, to dose the product evenly. The atomizers are used for liquid or viscous products, depending on the type of nozzle they have, they will facilitate the dosing of the product. But note that not all atomizers are suitable for corrosive products, for example, in the case of our Spray Gun R-28 mm. you can use it for air fresheners, cosmetics, some fertilizers, and automotive or cleaning products.

Cap with liner: This type of cap has multiple advantages such as guaranteeing that your product is new, it gives a better presentation to your brand, creating a bond of trust with your consumer, and offering the security that it will arrive with the right characteristics, despite the distance or any risk that may arise during its distribution and storage.

Why should you choose caps with liner?

In the packaging industry, plastic caps with a liner are perfect for protecting products, as they facilitate handling, transport, and storage. The liner is made from a soft plastic resin and it is very common to find it in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food industries. They are ideal for containers that must be transported over long distances since they prevent spills, accidents, and contamination of the content. In addition, this tool certifies that the product is genuine, new, and hasn’t been opened.

I want to buy plastic caps

At Plastimex our priority at all times is to maintain a high-quality standard in each of our containers. Thanks to our innovative machinery and constantly updated staff, we offer the best containers and caps for your product. Contact us and our packaging experts can gladly advise.

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