plastic and solar energy

Plastics and solar energy

In the search for sustainable solutions to address environmental challenges, two key issues have come to the fore in recent years: plastics and solar energy. Although at first glance they might seem like independent concepts, the truth is that they are more connected than we usually imagine. In this blog, we’ll explain the relationship between …

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Polypropylene Recycling (PP) 

Polypropylene has multiple uses. Very easy to find in laboratory equipment, automobile parts, medical appliances, and even food and drink containers, its properties allow it to be in contact with food without affecting it, making it an inert and innocuous material. In addition, thanks to its high chemical resistance, it is one of the most …

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PET recycling industry

The social impact of the PET recycling industry

The PET recycling industry  has gained significant recognition in recent decades due to its ability to reduce pollution and environmental impact. However, the social impact of this industry is also worth noting. In this blog, we will explain how PET recycling affects society in three key aspects: employment and economic opportunities, education and environmental awareness, …

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