Sustainable Packaging


Plastics and solar energy

Solar energy will be by far, the favorite of homes and industries, it is an inexhaustible and renewable energy source, in addition, although it requires a sophisticated system to capture and process it that can be costly for many at first, however, it is an investment that, without hesitation, is worth making. Solar energy is …

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plastic packaging

What is the future of plastic packaging?

Undoubtedly, the challenge facing large plastic packaging manufacturers today is the pressure to innovate new manufacturing techniques, materials, and the appropriate use of energy. Sustainability has positioned itself as one of the fundamental issues around the world, and plastics have given much to talk about.    Sustainable practices One of the first commitments that many …

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packaging be in the future

What will packaging be in the future?

Technology is advancing faster and faster, the vast majority of sectors are beginning to insert these modalities in every way. The packaging industry is no exception. Concern for the environment and the impact that plastic packaging had on it put a topic on the table: sustainability.  This trend forced a large number of companies dedicated …

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Biodegradable plastics and the need for labeling

Plastic today is key to life, we could not think of it without this material, mainly for the great diversity of industries that resort to it for its versatility, lightness, cost, and resistance. The problem lies mainly in the decomposition time that this type of raw material has, contaminating hundreds of ecosystems in the sea, …

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plastic bottle recycling

Considerations Before Plastic Bottle Recycling

To achieve a higher percentage of plastic bottles to be recycled, great efforts are required from their manufacture, to achieve greater recovery of materials such as PET and HDPE. The following are some practices or recommendations that manufacturers should follow for plastic bottle recycling. Automation From the moment the packaging is designed and manufactured, it …

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