plastic recycling

How does plastic recycling work?

Actualmente es muy común escuchar sobre la importancia del reciclaje plástico for the care of the environment. It is very important to keep in mind that not all plastics are the same and, just as their uses are so different, so are their recycling possibilities. This means that to make better use of plastic waste, it is essential to know the different processes to prevent it from contaminating the soil, and the sea and becoming a danger to the environment and the health of living beings. Here we explain everything you need to know about the different types of recycling and how each one works.

Recycling process

The first step to start with reciclaje plástico, we find it at home, when we separate our waste and deposit it in the appropriate container to facilitate its identification. Similarly, once it reaches the recycling plant, plastic waste is again classified based on its composition. Subsequently, the plastic is crushed to create small pellets, which will be subjected to cleaning to remove impurities. As the last step, pellets are homogenized by mechanical processes and given the desired shape and color, which allows them to be reincorporated into the production chain.

Types of plastic recycling

Mechanical recycling

It is the most common method for plastic recycling. It consists of collecting the material, cleaning it, turning it into small pieces, washing it again, and finally, creating a new product. It is called “mechanical” because it refers to all the techniques and processes that include manual or machine-assisted work. It is important to mention that not all types of plastic can be recycled in this way.

Chemical Recycling

This type of recycling consists of the chemical decomposition of polymers, to obtain monomers. This means that this type of recycling seeks to return to the basic components of the material to be able to use it again without any inconvenience. It should be noted that chemical recycling has great potential to minimize plastic waste, which offers it a great advantage compared to mechanical reciclaje plástico.

How I can help?

Currently, it is very important to be aware of our plastic waste to facilitate the recycling process and promote the circularity of this material. At Plastimex we are committed to promoting this type of action to gradually improve our relationship with plastics and the environment.

If you are interested in knowing more about the subject or want to purchase containers with 100% recyclable materials, do not hesitate to contáctanos.

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