¿Botellas de papel?

Within the new technological advances that have been presented, the creation of paper bottles for different products is presented as an innovation for the packaging industry, however, how functional is it?

In an effort to create paper bottles that move away from plastic, the paper was chosen as the raw material, however, despite all the effort, it seems that certain components are required to provide the barrier quality required by the containers.

It is true that it is possible to contain liquids in a cardboard or paper container for a certain time but to maintain the packaging with the necessary conditions so that the product can be stored and transported safely, the use of a plastic liner is required. Similarly, it should be considered that the manufacture of paper bottles requires a large number of trees, so it would not be very environmentally friendly either.

In addition to this, it is necessary to comment that bottles made of PET can be 100% recycled as long as they do not have attachments that prevent it, therefore, what should be worked on and invested in is a strategy for the collection and . of the same.

Glass and aluminum are other options that are proposed to replace plastic, however, both present the difficulty of requiring a great amount of energy for their elaboration, besides, in the case of glass, it is fragile and very heavy, making storage and transportation more difficult and expensive.

There is no doubt that plastic is a material that is far superior to others for its many qualities and that in the end, it is much more environmentally friendly as it is a material that can be recycled countless times with the necessary care.

With the necessary information campaigns, it is possible to increase the percentage of recycling that currently exists, it also requires the support of governments to impose fines and penalties to ensure that recyclable materials are properly separated and treated.

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