Mujeres presentes en la industria plástica

La industria plástica needs to renew itself, COVID 19 affected the vast majority of sectors, and plastics were no exception; added to this, it has against it the environmental and sustainable pressures that have forced it to diversify its products and manufacturing processes due to the new regulations that have been applied in different countries and that will soon begin to spread around the world. 

While it is true that technology and innovation will be the basis of these changes, we are forgetting one of the most important things, the human factor, which will drive the real changes and although forgotten, women play a key role in the industria plástica and the entire chain that involves decision making.

The sector of plastic packaging for medical or personal hygiene products, although they have grown, also faces high competitiveness, so an extra effort is necessary if they want to stand out. The opening of key positions in which women participate is undoubtedly a great advance that allows companies to have an integral vision of the sector. 


Leaders in the industria plástica

Among the women who stand out is Sandra Moren of Citrulsa, who together with Braskem Idesa has managed to manufacture high-density polyethylene (PEAD) containers with recycled resin, preserving the properties of the virgin material.  

In the area of sustainability, waste management, and recycling, Dr. Aletheia Vázquez is focused on research to find ways to integrate the process of biodegradation and composting in plastics. The remarkable thing about the researcher is that she comments that most government decisions are made with assumptions and there are no statistics and real data on these wastes, therefore, they do not ensure that there is a benefit to the environment because there is no previous study for its application and scope. 

Romina Dávila is a member of ECOCE, an environmental association whose objective is to recycle plastics, starting with consumer education and raising environmental awareness among children and adults. Mexico, where the organization originates, has a higher PET plastic collection rate than the United States and Canada. 

As well as the previous examples, there are countless projects led by women in the industria plástica, it is undeniable that the incorporation of bright and fresh minds brings great benefit to companies engaged in the manufacture or processing of plastic containers. 

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