plastic company

How does a plastic company work?

Currently, there is a wide variety of companies dedicated to this area, in our case we are a plastic company dedicated specifically to the manufacture of a wide variety of containers made with plastic resins.


In addition to manufacturing plastic containers made with PET and HDPE, we also have accessories available such as caps, handles, sprinklers, dispensers, and more. We are a plastic company that seeks customer satisfaction by solving their packaging needs, we constantly seek ways to innovate to offer the best and, in the same way, maintain a balance with the environment.


Qualified team

To offer the best quality to our clients, our collaborators constantly receive training to improve their learning and professional development possibilities. We like to maintain a harmonious environment to be an extraordinary place to work.



At Plastimex, we use state-of-art machinery for each of the production processes, so we can guarantee that, when purchasing from us, you will have high-quality products.


Sustainable plastic company

Along with seeking quality, our goal is to find balance and care for the environment to reduce the carbon footprint and all the consequences that are now beginning to be noticed; For this reason, we implement actions in favor of sustainability, such as the use of solar energy for our operations, the collection of rainwater for internal use, and the treatment of residual water to irrigate gardens and green areas.

In addition to this, our containers are 100% recyclable and we constantly seek to provide adequate information to our clients and consumers to make them aware of the environmental problems that exist and how they can collaborate.


Our products

If you would like to know more about the products we make, we invite you to download the digital catalog where you can find them. If you require any special request, doubt, or any request, we ask you to contact our customer service team.

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