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The best spray bottles for your products

Spray bottles are very useful to disperse products evenly, mainly used by the cleaning, agrochemical, and automotive industries, it’s use is suggested for products such as glass cleaners, tire shine, and some substances to improve crop growth or avoid pests.

The container

Our 650 ml PET containers. (Trigger) is suggested for these products, these spray bottles are made of PET resin that has great qualities, it is highly elastic but very resistant to temperature and impact, it is ideal for gasification, which makes it unique for storage and transport, and also crystalline, which allows the product to be viewed perfectly. In the same way, the shape of this container allows for the placement of the label easily.

The cap

Together with the Spray Trigger Cap R-28 mm perfect to spread liquid regularly. The cap that is compatible with our spray bottles is made of three different materials since its components so require, they are made up Polypropylene (PP), High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), and Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE). We have it available in blue with white, the immersion tube is flexible, so it can be cut according to the needs of the container.

The perfect spray bottles

Tell us more about your product, we can advise you on the appropriate and ideal uses of containers and bottles, you can dowload our online catalog available for you to learn about our products, if you require specific information on specifications, questions, and other comments, please contact our customer service team. We want to hear your ideas to work jointly. We thank you for trusting Plastimex.

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