recycling plastic containers

The global challenge of recycling plastic containers

We have all heard about the importance of recycling plastic containers, the truth is that it is not easy, although we can talk about small advances, we still have a long way to discover. Today it seems impossible for us to think that what was once seen as a commercial revolution for the planet is the malady of our times, the idea was that it would make our lives easier and many of the processes simpler, now it represents a threat to the humanity.

First of all, because the recovery of them is difficult, few of them return to the production line. Second, of those plastic packages that manage to be recovered to be treated by a company dedicated to the recycling of plastic containers; have concluded that the most recyclable resins are PET and HDPE, plastic films made from LDPE and PP since these occupy a high percentage of plastic waste.


Plastics production

The production of plastic has increased every year, but this has not been on a par with the percentages of recycling, according to official figures from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) indicate that in the last three decades it has quadrupled, it now reaches 460 million tons and the trend is increasing. Now, the pandemic provided the perfect reason to use it more than ever, it is required for the transport and protection of food, medicines, health supplies, among others.


How does the low recycling plastic containers affect?

The problem of not having adequate treatment for plastics is the place where they end up, the vast majority end up in the ocean, this harms marine ecosystems and human beings because studies have shown that 90% of marine species have consumed small pieces of plastic that will end up in our stomach when they end up on our table.

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