In Plastimex, seek to maintain balance between economy, environment and society, since it is necessary to join this trend of sustainability in which all companies and organizations must participate in order to contribute for a better future on behalf next generations. It is well known that the consumption of natural resources has so far been carried out in an irresponsible manner, that’s why we are committed to implement the best practices.

Recycling ​

All of our products are 100% recyclable, we have different campaigns where the focus is on environmental education and sustainable strategy to help people understand the importance of waste separation.

Solar Panels​

Being a responsible company and committed to its community as well as the environment, we design and install a complex hydraulic rainwater collection system. The resulting water is used for approximately 6 months of operations.

Rainwater Collection​

Thanks to hundreds of solar panels installed on the upper part of the plant, it is possible to supply approximately 10% of the energy required to cover all operations, reducing the carbon emissions generated. The facility design of the factory was conceived to take advantage of natural light.

Wastewater Treatment​

Our system consists on the disintegration of organic matter, the result is used to irrigate trees and gardens contributing to regenerate green areas.​

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