Criticism of the plastic industry

Criticism of the plastic industry

The criticism of the plastic industry is mainly due to the lack of knowledge that exists about these types of products. The truth is that if we approach it in a more careful and profound way, we will first discover all the benefits and qualities they have and the possibilities that each material has of continuing to be used in a new life cycle.


Plastic, the protagonist

Aluminum, glass, and paper were gradually replaced by products made with plastic resins due to the characteristics of this material. First of all, it is a low-weight component, compared to its competitors, it is very easy to work with, and it is practically unbreakable due to its chemical, physical and thermal resistance. In addition, it is harmless, that is, it does not change its properties when it comes into contact with other products. Added to this, the price is the best in the market, the savings compared to other raw materials are quite a lot.


Plastic waste recycling

When the criticism of the plastic industry, it is generally due to the poor treatment of its waste, however, the main problem that these are not treated properly is the consumer. There are no clear indications that help to identify the type of material we use, and in what ways we can reuse it, that promote recycling as a fundamental axis for the conservation of the environment. For example, in one of our previous articles Polystyrene: A new resin for plastic containers, we talked about the lack of information that exists on this material, better known as Styrofoam, but which, with optimal processing, can be perfectly reintegrated into the chain. of production.


A criticism of the plastic industry with information

The different judgments that may exist about the discomforts they cause to the environment are biased by the lack of study and knowledge of the possibilities that each of the existing plastic resins has. Although the poor treatment of plastic brings with it serious problems, other materials such as glass and aluminum would cause equal or greater damage if they were used in the same quantities as plastics.

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