Labels, Packaging, and printing inks

Generally, all containers for any intended use will be marked to distinguish them from the type of product, it can be through labels or printed directly. 

To determine the type of inks to be used to print the containers, it is necessary to define the industry for which they are intended; a container for agrochemicals or chemicals is not the same as a container for the food or pharmaceutical industry, each one has its own guidelines. Even if inks are used directly on a label, care must be taken, as there may be some ink transfer. 

Do all use inks?

Not directly, however, the vast majority of packages have descriptions or labels that identify and describe the product. This type of printed information is used for marketing and promotional purposes, and also to inform about qualities or risks of the products contained in the package. 

Where are packaging inks used?

The number of inks that can be transferred from paper to packaging and, in the most worrying cases, from the packaging to the contained product will depend greatly on the type of ink used and the permeability of the material from which the packaging was made. For example, glass containers have zero probability of absorbing ink, while those made of PET or HDPE, under heat conditions or with a specific chemical, the transfer may increase. 

In the case of plastic containers, marking is generally carried out thanks to laser technology equipment, which can print clearly and very cleanly, so that waste is reduced. In addition, it is possible to do it on irregular surfaces or different shapes, however, this does not mean that over time there may be transfer with certain liquid, viscous or corrosive products. 

How is the use of packaging ink determined?

The printing inks to be used vary depending on the material used for the packaging. Generally, in the case of plastic packaging and containers for the food industry, there are specific guidelines for those that can be in contact with the product without posing a risk to the consumer, as well as for the pharmaceutical industry. In the case of other industries, the type of ink used does not interfere with the quality of content.

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