Plastimex commitment to the environment

In recent years, companies’ commitment to sustainability and the environment has become an essential part of achieving responsible development. More and more, companies are seeking to reduce their ecological footprint and adopt more environmentally friendly practices. In this blog, you will learn what a sustainable company is and how Plastimex shows its commitment to the environment.

What is a sustainable company?

A sustainable company plans its actions considering ethical and conscientious attitudes that contribute to environmental care. That is to say, before implementing its plans, it analyzes if there will be any significant impact.

To be a sustainable company, you must:

  • Understand the concept of sustainability by applying it to the parameters of economic, social, and environmental growth.
  • Learn the needs of the market.
  • Study the impacts on the environment.

What is Plastimex's commitment to the Environment?

1.Quality and Commitment

Firstly, we use 100% recyclable PET or HDPE resins to promote their reuse in various industries. Additionally, these materials ensure that the packaging is not toxic for human and/or animal consumption.

2. Renewable Energy and Awareness

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in every aspect of our operations. That’s why we are aware of the impact of energy on the environment and integrate solar panels that power a significant portion of the energy in our plant. Furthermore, the design of our facilities allows for maximum utilization of sunlight, reducing dependence on artificial lighting.

3. Water Conservation

Water conservation is one of our priorities. To improve this aspect, we have implemented a rainwater harvesting system that enables us to use resources from rainfall in our manufacturing processes.

Together, we can create a lasting and positive impact on our planet. If you wish to acquire quality packaging, do not wait long to contact us.

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