Polypropylene (PP) Recycling

Recycling, in general, is one of the challenges faced by packaging producers, because although it may be thought that this process is infinite, that is, that a bottle can be recycled forever, this is a falsehood. How mechanical recycling is currently carried out causes a degradation of the material at home cycle, therefore, the material loses its properties because the chemical structure changes, that is the reason why it is necessary to use some additives, to try to counteract it.

Procter & Gamble stands out as a pioneer in this type of revolutionary research that seeks to transform the bottles into virgin resin, to preserve all the properties by removing impurities, color, or odors through a process called PureCycle. The material with which the first tests have begun is Polypropylene (PP) since its use follows PET and PE. 

 The progress obtained is substantial, the process has been approved, probably in a few years recycled polypropylene can reach the percentage of other resins, the decontamination of the material has already been achieved with a physical method of separation and purification that involves less energy than the chemical or mechanical, which could also reach the food-grade certification thanks to the use of various additives.

What good will it do? 

The approval and use of this technological process will allow hundreds of plastic packaging products and other such applications to have access to recycled resins with the same properties as virgin material. This is an innovation that will revolutionize the recycling industry in general, which will be a sustainable alternative that provides a solution to the contamination problems caused by this type of waste.

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